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  Accessibility gone Mental written 12 years ago

The Table Tag

Web developers seem to be shunning tables in favour of more “accessible” html elements, but has this practise gone too far?

Web Musings
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  Bristol Critical Mass goes Awry written 12 years ago

Critical Mass

During the May Critical Mass bike ride in Bristol the police got involved. I happened to be there with my camera…

Real World, Cycling

  A Trip to Bristol written 12 years ago

Squinty mcGra -- Camera man Rob

I happened to have some business of myself in Bristol, and went for a wander around the waterfront with the camera.

Photography, Out and About, Photos

  Computer Power Usage - Old vs New written 12 years ago

Power Socket

As I’m now the proud owner of a modern computer, I re-ran my tests to see just how much power this new beast consumes in comparison with my old computer. The results are somewhat suprising…

Real World, Essays, Computery Stuff

  Your new look sennir site written 12 years ago

sennir Logo

Wowsers, everything has changed!

Sennir News

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