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  The Human Fitness Function written 12 years ago


After some reconsidering, the factor for the human fitness function isn’t so illusive after all

Real World, Evolution, Essays

  Interest Amount Calculator written 12 years ago

Interest is often quoted by the APR - the amount of interest you would receive over a year, but what about if your need to know the amout of interest over 6 months?

Real World

  On religion and strife written 12 years ago

Totally Stolen from a friend of mine, but I hope he doesn`t mind. Spinny orb things!

Atheists are standing up and stomping their feet, but is this any wiser than people shouting their love of a particular religion?

Real World

  F1 2007 written 12 years ago

Formula One Logo

The Formula 1 Series is over 2 months away, but I’m determined to follow it this year!

Formula One

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