PhotoComment written 13 years ago

Software to edit the descriptions of your photos.

This program was written because I couldn’t find a quick and easy piece of software to edit the description of many photos.

The software updates the comment field of the JPEG file - This means the comments entered inserted by PhotoComment can be readable by many photo manipulation programs.


Photo Comment in Action!



If you just want to download and run the program, you’ll want the

Binary jar file [1.2.0]

However, If you want to get a little geekier, you can also have the java Source.

Source files [1.2.0]

I am distributing the source of this in the vain hope that someone will see my code, take pity and make a mucho better version.

In both cases you’ll need the Java Run Time Engine thing.


Some questions you might want answered

Why did you create this?

Hang on, in the program there’s two fields Title and Description? What’s the deal you told me you were only editing the comments field?

When I look at the image info in Photoshop/Paint Shop Pro there’s some funny squares in the Description? What’s that?

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