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The windows “All Programs” list gets woefully unusuable once more than a few programs are installed. My start menu spanned over 3 columns, and required a magnifying glass to find anything.

Start Menu, Before and After. Showing three large columns sorted into one small column One solution to this is to reorganise things into categories, but this is time consuming, and choosing where to put things is difficult. This tool aims to solve this problem by automating this process, and providing a tool to quickly organise the installed apps.

Pictured left is the effect of running the tool on my start menu. as You can see it’s much nicer!

Programs are divided into the following categories


Download is in the form of a zip file, simply download the file and extract the contents to a folder on your computer. Once extracted, run the organise.hta file.



Main Application interface Main Application Interface

Main Application interface
Popup, requesting choice of category for “Google Sketchup”

Main Application interface
Choosing a custom category for “Google Sketchup”

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Note with UAC enabled in Vista, you will need to do the following to organise all of the start menu:

  1. Run the start menu organiser as normal, except untick the “Re-organise All users” option.

    • Organiser will run on some parts of the start menu
    • When complete, close the program
  2. Find “Command Prompt” in the start menu.

    • Right click on the program
    • Choose “Run as Administrator”
  3. Navigate to the folder where you have extracted the program:

    • For example, if you extracted the program to D:\Downloads\Organiser, do the following:

      • D:
      • cd Downloads\Organiser
  4. Start the program, by typing organise.hta

  5. Run the start menu organiser as normal, except untick the “Re-organise Current User” option.

    • Rest of start menu will be organised.

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