CS Dept Timetable creator written 14 years ago

It`s a timetable, honest. I`m not an artist, that`s for sure!

The first thing i ever created in PHP, and that’s why it’s a bit dodgy!

Made because I got bored of hand crafting a new timetable each semester at uni, and also because I’m so terrible at actually copying large sums of info correctly, it would often take me about 3 go’s to get a timetable that was vaguely right.

If you’re wanting to use the timetable, sure, go right ahead it’s here:

Timetable creation page

Be sure to read the notes on that page though!

Here’s a (shrunk) version of this year’s timetable:

My timetable, straight from the timetable-ometer

Isn’t it pretty?

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