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  Fitting it all in written 10 years ago


Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Forums, News, Instant Messaging; when are you meant to do all these things‽

Web Musings

  Google Changes .. Again! written 10 years ago


It felt like a blink of an eye, but google has changed their favicon again!

Web Musings
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  Google Changes Favicon written 11 years ago

Google Logo

It’s changed!

Web Musings

  Accessibility gone Mental written 12 years ago

The Table Tag

Web developers seem to be shunning tables in favour of more “accessible” html elements, but has this practise gone too far?

Web Musings
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  Aint technology great? written 12 years ago

Totally Stolen from a friend of mine, but I hope he doesn`t mind. Spinny orb things!

A recurring theme of things breaking..

Web Musings
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