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  Longing for the way the internet used to be written 6 years ago

AOL Logo

I grew up playing down the street with the internet; now it’s all grown up and has a new, high-powered job…

Web Musings

  A Curious Correlation written 7 years ago

Cup of tea

It seems that when it hots up in the UK, there’s one question people have on their minds..

Web Musings

  Font sizing in EM or PX? written 7 years ago

Font Size

In modern web-design, should we specify fonts in PX or EMs? maybe REMs? What do the big websites out there do?

Web Musings

  So.. HTML 5 then written 8 years ago

The Table Tag

There’s a lot of hoo -ha about HTML5 around at the moment. So what’s it all about then?

Web Musings

  The Craft Shop Website written 9 years ago


A little side project: The Craft shop Website.

Web Musings
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