Weird Sea Creatures written 11 years ago

A tiny shrimplike creature called an amphipod
A tiny shrimplike creature called an amphipod

Researchers have found a bunch of weird looking sea-critters whilst exploring the mid-Atlantic Ridge.

I just love the way the creatures look nothing like any surface animals, or seem to be strange combinations of well known animals. The sheer bizarreness of a transparent beastie is amazing, and is practically unheard of up here. The amphiod (pictured right) probably went through several iterations of useless extra limbs before obtaining the configuration we see pictured here.

We can only presume that the yellow stuff is a work-in-progress in turning completely transparent? or perhaps if that bit (brain?) is transparent, it doesn’t function as well? Or perhaps if the animals are totally transparent they can’t find each other, and thus can’t reproduce!

Fascinating stuff.

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