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The Craft shop in Retford Shop Logo

For the past few weeks me n’t the girl have been busy beavering away to create The Craft Shop website. It’s been kinda pleasant for me to actually be back doing real web-stuff, and to have completed an entire (if tiny) website.

The content is all static HTML (due to constraints on the server), which I was initially very resentful to have to use, duplicating things like header and footer code on every page. It’s not proven too tasking though, I only wonder how much effort it will be to update the Workshop Calendar in a few months! Using PrettyPhoto makes adding things like galleries and other swooshy things possibly without needing server-side code.

It’s also surprising how with my years of being out of the web-design loop how different browsers are nowadays. Do I still need to use palette based PNGs for example? And that with the advent of many a Javascript Library it’s silly to even consider writing any basic JS code.

Craft shop website

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I love this site. For something that had to be written for a poo web server you’ve made good use of javascript to jazz up the workings of the site. I like the design - very ‘craftshopy’. The home page has a very inviting layout with good looking buttons down the right - you should educate some of the designers I work with about home pages!

I would, however, look using something like Jquery Tools Flashembed to place some fallback content (like a static image or message to download flash player) on the home page for those without flashplayer. But that’s a minor gripe from an iPhone user!

I notice the calendar has a very Rinnes-like colour scheme. Very reminiscent of your old Paint Shop Pro creations.

Keep up the good work! x

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