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Door with Orange juice delivered by the milk man
I discover that milk is still available for delivery. Not only that, these people have fresh orange juice delivered! I feel I’m broken in thinking this, but I never would have thought the humble milkman still existed.

Can’t say a terrible about of much has happened this week, but i’m forcing myself to write one of these anyway, it’s already been over 2 weeks since the last one. How can it be that nothing interesting has happened in the past couple weeks? Hmm…

Milk Round

How peculiar is it that Milkmen still exist in this world?

I can’t say I’ve witnessed one in recent memory, but evidence of their existence is everywhere, and I present to you some compelling fruits on the right. What’s more these people have had some orange juice delivered! More evidence of genetic mutation if ever I saw any Here I’m inferring that cows can make orange juice.

How can it still be competitive to deliver milk in a morning? Surely it must cost a small fortune per-pint to have it delivered by now (Credit Crunch)Said in handy wavy finger quotes?

Looking into this, it’s no imaginary “leave a note out for the milkman” anymore, it’s all online (ofcourse). My local delivery service is . I say local, as they won’t deliver to my address, but ho hum…

Apparently, a pint of milk in a glass bottle is 58p. I’ve no idea if that’s competitive or not, as I’ve no idea how much milk costs I’m sure a newspaper survey would put me in the “stupid” group. There’s whole hosts of crap they’ll come and dump on your doorstop of a morning, including a “Bumper Box Broken Biscuits 1.3kg for 2.59”. How handy is that.

Perhaps when I become a regular person, I’ll have some o this fun. That’s if it still exists by then (Credit Crunch).

A Vampire

Rob is a Vampire
Rob is a Vampire, Jess is a Devil

It was Halloween, and I was a Vampire. Yes.

Resizing Images

When people ask for a copy of a photo, they rarely want the 30MB tiff version, so to aid myself in easily producing email-exchangeable formats of my photos, I made the following “resize” script.


You need ImageMagick. This is a handy command-line utility for all sorts of image manipulation tools.

The Script

I have a shortcut to this script on the desktop, then when I want a resized image, I just drag and drop a piccie onto it. Spiffing!

   @echo off

    REM *******************************************
    REM * Set this to the output directory        *
    REM *******************************************

    SET outdir=%USERPROFILE%/Desktop/Resized Images

    REM *******************************************
    REM * Output Size e.g. 750x750, 200x200       *
    REM *******************************************

    SET size=750x750

    REM *******************************************
    REM * Quality e.g. 90, 75, ...                *
    REM *******************************************

    SET quality=95

    REM *******************************************
    REM * File Type e.g. jpg, gif, png, gif, ...  *
    REM *******************************************

    SET filetype=jpg

    if not exist "%outdir%" (
      mkdir "%outdir%"

    if "%~1" == "" goto :EOF

        @convert -resize %size% -colorspace sRGB -quality %quality% %1 "%outdir%/%~n1.%filetype%"

        REM Move to next file

    REM loop around
    goto :convert

Just copy this into a file called resize.cmd and make a short cut to it on your desktop. After this, just drag on your image of choice, and a 750x750px version of it shall appear in a folder called “Resized images”. Hurray!

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Hehe… I forgot to talk to you about this earlier… hehe you’re wearing make-up. And you make for quite a terrifying vampire I can say.

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