Sicily 2011 #2: Cefalu written 8 years ago


Here are my travel notes from Sicily, you might like to read them if you are easily amused. They’re not terribly interesting unless you are me.

Day 3

Successful navigation to the train station, and a wink from the ticket seller indicates that my terrible Italian, was indeed terrible. Stamped the ticket and jumped on a train.

Journeying along the coast; blue skies and little villages adorn the railside. Most houses have roof terraces- a different way of life.

Arrive into Campofelice- 2 stops before Cefalu, only 5 mins behind schedule, and then no more. The train has ‘cracked’ the man tells us next to him.

We had a brief conversation, but failed to really decode what he was telling us about the ‘Wind’ book..

The announcements supposedly inform us of how much doom we’re in for, except the locals talk over the English translations.

30 minutes later and the train starts trucking again, and we shortly later arrive in Cefalu.

A meander up a street, and we accident upon the cathedral. Again, not terribly inspiring, but some serious Jesus-love located down the far end (the bit with the pews in is decidedly bland..).

Cefalù Cathedral Cefalù Cathedral
Cefalù Cathedral

Green cake and coffee later, and we moseyed on to the sea front, and basked in the toasting sunlight.

Cefalu Coast - Locks attached to the walkway. Not sure quite why.

Some wandering in the gloomy (and chilly!) alleyways lead us to a pizzeria, and an order for ‘tea’ resulted in lemon tea.. Regular tea is always a bizarre concept..

Looking quizzically at the menu for Al Vicoletto, and a lovely wee Italian lady persuaded us in.. Glad we did! No mass produced toruist food here, genuine fists of ham in my pizza (Calzone).

People stare.

Pottered out of the cafe, glad not to have been ‘offed’ by the Mafia, and trundle off to find out what this ‘diana’ thing was.

This way to the temple..
This way to the Diana Temple

Turns out it’s a ruin at the top of some steep stairs, guarded by a grey haired angry man, compiling statistics on where all of his (20, it seemed) visitors had come from that day. The ruins were largely ruins, and there were some novelty holes in the mountain, which echoed a treat.

The views were really what to come up the hill for, though. The whole of Cefalu is visible, and looks exactly like the painting in the guide book of the town (not that the painting is any use, mind as you can’t see the tops of the buildings from the street..)

Diana Temple, Cefalù
View from the Diana Temple

Skipping Down the hill 10 minutes later than the angry grey haired man had specified, we trundled on back to the train station and awaited put train. Remembering ofcourse to stamp our ticket..

Departing only 10 minutes late, the train departed.

Siesta time followed, as we were exceptionally tired from much unexpected sun exposure. Not wanting to fulfil out tourist duties of finding a restaurant, we pottered the city, hunting for a supermarket and had a tea of breadsticks and Philadelphia.

Read Sicily Entry #3.

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