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A few weeks I returned from a couple of weeks in San Francisco. I had an awesome time and sorely didn’t want to come back. The sightseeing was cool, but one of the things I enjoyed most was just pottering around the city taking it in. A favourite moment was enjoying some tea in the Yerba Buena Gardens. So relaxing and laid back..!

See the San Francisco photoset on Flickr for more.

San Francisco
After failing to take a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge (Fog..) I ended up taking this photo of a Pier up by North beach
Bear at Yosemite Park
We took a day trip out to Yosemite Park
San Francisco
And pottered across the Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco
The view looking back at the San Francisco bay from Yerba Buena island.

As ususal the Girl did a better job of documenting the photos, and you should go view the pics on Facebook

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