Richard & Amanda's Wedding written 11 years ago

Wedding Flowers

My cousin Amanda recently got married, and since this involves lots of people looking pretty, I made it my business to wander round taking pictures of people :)

Here are some that came out reasonably well. I’m sure you can agree that everyone (especially the Bride!) is looking especially spiffy!

1Blowing bubbles 2Kiss 3Look of Love
1-3: Richard and Amanda on the steps of the church.
4Holding the Bride
4: All the boys (with Groom and Best man centre) holding the Bride
5Confetti 6Cutting the Cake 7Jenny 8Alan
5: The confetti was in abundance!
6: Cutting the (delicious…) cake.
7: Jenny, the bride’s sister.
8: Uncle Alan.
9The Brown Clan 10Blowing bubbles 11Mum and Freddy
9: The Brown Clan: June Brown, Alan Brown, William Brown, Brenda Innes and John Innes.
10: June Brown (The Mother of the Bride), Jenny and Sally.
11: Freddy and my Mum
12Wedding Car 13Table Centrepiece 14Chocolates
12: The Wedding Car.
13: The Table Centrepiece.
14: Chocolates hand made for the event.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to wish them every success for the future, and hope they have a long and loving relationship together.

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