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Photos fill up most of the page in your average newspaper, but in the past I must have skipped straight past the images consuming the majority of the page. My eyes struggling around them as they caused the text to snake awkwardly down the page. More and more recently though I’ve begun to notice that newspaper photography is some of the best out there.

It’s not like some of the beautiful pictures on flickr - those truly are works of art. Newspaper photographers deserve credit because they have the tricky task of not only having to create pleasing pictures; but also to capture a particular moment, or describe a particular topic. Look at any picture in the paper (a decent paper…) of say, a war scene. Notice how there’s nothing posed; there’s always something to catch the eye - it’s not just a holiday snap of someone visiting a disintegrated village, is that a posy growing? defiant of the destruction around it? Or perhaps the figure we can see - is she crying? is she pregnant? What are that those children are playing with? Is it the shell that caused the destruction of their school?

Even the mundane stories attract pictures of intrigue; take the picture below for example:

A Pensioner retrieves a twenty pound note from her purse
A Pensioner retrieves a twenty pound note from her purse. The Times

Here we’ve got a story about pensioners not being able to afford food — but you knew that from the picture didn’t you?

I don’t know how I could have relayed so much information in just one photo.

It’s not all deep and meaningful either; the following picture demonstrating a curious wit:

Three blonds preparing at Crufts
Three blonds preparing at Crufts The Times

All pictures shamelessly stolen from The Times

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