On 3D Printing written 7 years ago

V and A

I went to the V&A Museum this weekend, specifically to visit the London Design Festival event that was taking place. This aims to showcase current design trends, and new innovations from the past year.

A big presence this year was from designers using 3D printing to produce various gadgets and gizmos that were littered around the museum.

Collapsable Stools

This is all well and good, it allows designers to test out their latest designs quickly and cheaply’ - virtually anyone can now produce “things” to a reasonably high standard of construction. But then I stumbled across this piece below. It’s a marble-esq bust, made using rapid prototyping techniques.

Not a Marble Bust

Here we have a bona-fide piece of art, designed by some dude with a computer. The barrier for entry has been lowered to that of “someone who can get their hands on a copy of Google Sketchup”. My gripes with is ‘revolution’ is weak at best, but no less I’ve ranted below:

My concerns are that the “Master Craftsman” will become obsolete.. Fewer and fewer people will know how to construct “things” well, and we’ll all become computer monkeys*.

Also, concern yourself with the self replicating machine and you will soon see that this is just a ploy by the robots, before they ultimately take over the world.

*says a founding member of the computer monkey club

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