Now a filthy Mac user written 8 years ago

The logo of the apple. Or the logo of the devil. You decide.

So, long time reader, do you remember back in May 2005 when I proclaimed to the world “I want an apple?”:

Everything about the little (and they are little!) beasties makes me want them. Sexy exteriors. Sexy OS gimmicks. Everything that windows can be if you dangle lots of christmas baubles off it, but already done for you!

Yikes, calm down yonder Robbington, you’ll make a mess with your enthusiasm.

But yes, 6 years later, I’ve finally saved up to be able to afford 15 inches of solid aluminium box. So, here we go, a run down of the likes and dislikes:

You may remember my Vista likes and dislikes.

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i was wondering ..well not about this Mac terror your going through .. but a bout a piece you made a few years back about electric use .. where did you find that meter thingy … i’ve been looking for something like that for a few weeks now and can’t find it in any store here in Iceland.

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