Men with Guns & a Man in a Dress written 12 years ago


Further proof that it is the season of the wedding, my friend Simon is soon to be wed. As such, this meant that a bunch of Simon’s mates were to head down to Southampton, and be Stags. Roar.

We drank, Shot things and Simon wore a dress.


The shooting

Tristan Shoots Scoreboard Simon Shoots Andy Shoots Adam taking a victorious shot Paul with Gun
Unhappy Tristan Unhappy Richard Adam the Victorious, awaiting his crotch fiddling from Simon.
The sore losers(Tristan and Richard), and the victorious victor (Adam).
In the rain Richard and Simon
It rained. We stood and grumbled, Simon posed.

Then it got Ugly

Man in Bra The outfit A size Tea-Cup Harder than it looks
Tristan and I made haste to the tackiest charity shop we could find, and replaced Simon’s Clothes with this daring pink ensemble. With surprisingly little resistance, Simon wrestled it on and we headed to town.
Very Fetching Out on the town Copping a Feel Peeking
Alas we couldn’t persuade Simone to depart with her trousers, but somehow I feel it worked out better for all of us.

And to leave you with a pleasant thought in your mind, this:

Bearded Lady
Would you marry this man?

But seriously, all the best to Simon and Kasy. May you both be happy for a very very long time :)I hope I spelt Kasy right.

And ye god, what possessed me to post this many pictures of a man in a dress? The front page is awash with pink. I do hope nobody with a weak heart reads this.

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