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I don’t pretend to be a fantastic cook; most of my meals consist of something that has escaped from the frying pan and into my mouth. Sometimes however, after much rummaging on the BBC website (usually by the girl - I’m terrible at choosing pick-n-mix - and deciding on a recipe to cook is apparently quite similar to selecting confectionery) tasty things crawl from the Innes kitchen, and find themselves shortly after in my belly.

Lamb stew with rosemary dumplings

Lamb Stew with Rosemary Dumplings

This was a tasty meal - cooked last night infact (I can still smell the rosemary scented washing up festering in the sink), with yummy dumplings cooked just as the 1980s packaging suggests. Nice if you’ve got a few hours to spare, but the taste depends a lot on what lamb stock you use.. this was with “knorr” cube stock, which was okay. I don’t know how to make the stock without first having the meat cooked; sense it makes no.

Teriyaki Duck with Pineapple and Pak Choi

Teriyaki Duck with Pineapple and Pak Choi Stir-fry

This was a dish festooned with scrumbles. I think the main highlight for me was the pineapple - I’ve probably never tasted fresh pineapple before, and with the light toasting from the wok it tasted superb in this dish. A short journey to the rubbish bin and back with the skin of the duck which seemed to turn to charcoal after the requisite 10 minutes in the pan didn’t affect the flavour too much, but I’m still not sure what caused the impromptu carbonisation. This one needs a little prep for the teriyaki duck, but the actual fry-time is rather quick.

Dauphinoise Potatoes with Fish and Broccoli

Dauphinoise potatoes with fish and broccoli

A slight venture from the familiar camp of Dauphinoise potatoes with the addition of some niblets of fish thrown in to add a little fishiness. Some assorted veg on the side and what appears to be half a pot of cream deposited on top making a tasty meal, if not badly photographed.

Cheese Soufflé

Cheese Soufflé

A relatively simple looking meal, but quite possibly not worth it in terms of how much effort is was to make. The Cheese Soufflé was a venture in making bechamel sauce without it turning into a solid lumpy mass - which was achieved without too much trauma - it appears Delia’s “all in one” (i.e. dump all the ingredients into a pan) is infact a load of bollocks. The sausage accompaniment to this plate was a last minute “oh you need to supply something else to eat with this?” crapple style food making.

Sauteed fillets of trout with ginger, basil and coconut sauce

Sauteed Fillets of Sea Bass with Ginger, Basil and Coconut sauce

Another terrible photograph I’m afraid, but this one was a whole world of tasty so if you only notice this prose in a reaction to the monstrosity of pixels above then it has achived it’s goal. The sauce is what makes it, and begins life looking like a greasy pool of onions that wouldn’t be fit for the cheapest of roadside hotdogs, and finishes up making me want to lick the plate. Subtle enough flavours mean that each ingredient gets a few lines in the show, but none of them take over too much from the main act of the fish. Would have been good with some sticky rice too, but alas we did not have.

Cadbury Creme Egg Chocolate Tart

Creme Egg TartCreme Egg TartCreme Egg Tart

And to finish of our banquet of tasties, we have an easter delight of creme egg tarts! Most of the fun of this dish comes from dissecting the eggs to extract the delicious goo. Also realised how frighteningly easy it is to construct half-reasonable tart cases too, from nothing more than some mushed up biscuits and a small coronary of butter… num nums.

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Bloody hell, look at how you’ve developed in to quite the culinary expert. You never made fancy food like that for me back in the day! I’ll have to make a trip to Cheltenham to sample these delights sometime :)

I made quite a pretty looking pizza (from scratch, like dough and shit) tonight and considered taking a photo but my house mates frown on that sort of thing. Maybe next time…

Jessibean’s GravatarJessibean 1 week later

I must say.. ‘wow’.. in particular i loved ‘niblets of fish thrown in to add a little fishiness’ .. true chef speak that is.. have you got the remotest idea what fish it was? hmm?… (I of course remember quite clearly.. ) whistles

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