Colour Profile Madness written 10 years ago

Palette of possibles colours..

I’ll try not to turn this into a rambling rant, but it’s hard not to. I’ve just been playing with some photos within Photoshop Elements. All was going well, until I started looking at the photos in Windows Photo viewer and started to notice they looked a little shit. Thinking I had ruined them when resizing I did it again, and once again they looked good in Photoshop, and terrible in Windows Photo viewer.

Opening the same photo in Firefox, Internet Explorer and Windows Photo viewer revealed the following:

Colour Profile Support is sketchy over differnt broswers
The same image, rendered in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Windows Photo Preview.

The top photo (Internet Explorer) is actually the closest match to what I wanted, Firefox is obviously using the wrong colour profile and god knows what Windows Photo Viewer is doing, but it’s terrible. Totally runing the out of focus areas and posterising the image. Madness.

Obviously I’ve had to re-save the screen capture as a jpeg again, so the colours are probably even more nutty now.

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