Bristol Critical Mass goes Awry written 12 years ago

Critical Mass

Whilst out wandering in Bristol today, I spotted a rather large group of cyclists on the road and quickly realised it was a group of people doing a Critical Mass thing [wiki]. Critical Mass is essentially a big bike ride, typically with hundreds of riders all bunched together on the road following a set route usually once a month. The idea is that people that are passionate about cycling can raise awareness of cycling, and possibly have some fun too…

There seemed to be something of a cuffuffle going on, so I popped the camera into paparazzi mode, and snapped away.

It transpired that one cyclist had been hit by an unhappy car driver that was trying to pass the cyclist, and had mangled his rear wheel. Traffic had been stopped for some ten minutes before the police came:

Restrained man Restraining a participant Restraining a participant
The police came and arrested a man that was trying to prevent a car from leaving the scene of an accident.

The police tried to get the cars moving again, against the protests of many people that were pointing out that the front car had just hit a cyclist. Nonetheless, the front car tried it’s best to leave even though one gentleman (pictured above) tried to prevent it from doing so. He earned himself an arrest, and the offending car drove away.

Unbending the wheel Mangled Bike Cool Hat man Critical Mass Cyclists
The chap whose bike got mangled by the car.

I found the chap whose bike had been hit — it seemed as though the driver had left before he had chance to exchange details with him, and so he looked like he was stuck with a duff bike. Not that it stopped him from trying to fix it :)

The police were very numerous in their presence, and it took an age before traffic got moving again. They were a bit useless to be honest, mainly just standing around in the middle of the road.

All in all it was a lot of fuss over not-very-much, and the police just aggravated the situation. Hurrah.

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