The Apocalypse is Coming written 11 years ago

The Apocalypse

So if it wasn’t bad enough it took me 11 hours to get to Bristol and back on Friday, involving a mile long trudge back through the floods, now they tell me my water supply is going to dry up. And that my electricity might well cut out at any minute.

BBC News Page

Severn Trent Water for Cheltenham Page

People have been panic buying, with the Police in Supermarkets to prevent riots from happening.

I saw one opportunist man selling 2l bottles of water from the back of his car for the delightful price of 2 for a fiver.

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Parts of Swindon got flooded out, South Martson village was evacuated I heard. I was lucky enough to only get my front and back garden completely submerged, sandbags are still outside my front door just in case.

It’s all dried up now, looks bloody awful! I’ll get you a dinghy just in case the worst happens and we’ve got Unhappy Wet Rob. Water supply is being cut off here too but only for a few hours, hope everything’s ok your end, good luck with the water lackage xxx

Nice Photo’s Mate!

Almost got comments working on my site now! I’m guessing you’ve fled Cheltenham now, I knew I was right not to move there just yet ;)

Gobby little Kimmii’s GravatarGobby little Kimmii 6 days later

I was reading Spanish teletext in Barcelona and it was going on about this Hope all is well ,you flooded out?

You can always come and live in my house in Nottingham. Ever fucker else seems to be (I am the only person paying rent in this 6 person house and I aint even got a bed tonight thansk to the number of squatters my non-rent-payiong-or-even-living-here housemates have invited to stay over.)

Still, at least I got leccy and water….

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