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Butternut Squash Pie - was delicious

It seems that every now and then I make a resolve to update the ol’ website more often, and swear to myself that I’ll update this place daily or something. Welcome to one of those moments. To catch you up with what I’ve been achieving over the past … many weeks, read on.

Tesco Checkout
The checkout at Tesco. I sigh most here.

I hate shopping

Not really an achievement admittedly.

One of my peeves about adult life is that you have to go shopping for yourself, else you die. When the cupboard stops offering up family favourites like spaghetti-on-toast or stock-cube-flavoured-rice, I know it’s time to haul out the muzzle, and send myself to Tesco.

Your default reaction to this might be to do some online shopping or whatever, but I live all of 5 minutes walk from a Tesco store. Credit Crunch, Global Warming and Guilt means that I can’t bring myself to dive in and await the bemused look from the Tesco delivery man. And that their interpretation of replacement goods is laughable. I need not facilitate you with an example, as you probably know of someone that’s had spaghetti replaced with strawberry bootlaces, or somesuch.

Things I dislike:

I’m a Jerk with an iPod

Yes, I now have an iPhone. It’s the most wondrous £809 I’ve ever spent. iTunes though, is shit. I always suspected it was, but now I know it’s true. It also means I now have a camera everywhere I venture, the quality might be terrible, but perhaps something like the portal to the world of Rob could exist again? For those not in the know, I used to have a doodad that would extract all pictures off my (crummy) phone and upload them onto a former incantation of this website, and display for all to see.

I didn’t know how spoilt I was with the “Now Playing” playlist with Winamp. Seriously, how do I just play a random selection of songs? no I don’t want to make a playlist.

And my headphones are already grubby.

I’ve been on holiday!

I spent a week in Barcelona last month (which feels like a small eternity ago). You can look forward to a full write-up (if you’re into that kinda thing) sometime soon.

I read 1984

A book I’ve been meaning to read for years now, I finally stole a copy from the girl and couldn’t put it down for a week. reading a book in a week is near lightspeed for me.. I was totally absorbed by it, and being thrown straight in at the creepy end by Orwell meant that from the second I started reading I was there in Oceania.

It’s everything the budding doom-seeker could want. It’s creepy as hell, and depressing as stamping on kittens — even the high point of the story is still marred by some grey clouds .. some dust that can’t be scraped off. I won’t recount every chilling act of un-humanity that kept me turning the pages, as it’s all well known. Even for how famous the book is for coining the Big Brother phrase did it coin the phrase?, it still shocked me.

Forking stories not those kind of stories, you filthy toad.

How can one write a narrative, that has many layers? One that can contain a streaming of consciousness, that can fork wildly here and there.. disappearing into nooks and crannies, exploring each little segway all by itself? The conversational stack is borne! with an e!.

Any participants of a wildly oscillating conversation with Mr Innes will surely have heard the “pop pop pop” uttered of popping ones way up the conversational stack, as a contributor to the melée alt+gr desperately attempts to bring the dialogue back on track first coined during a conversation between myself, Tristan and Simon. We giggled. I giggled.

Readers that enjoy the ramblings of Ross Noble will already be familiar with the concept of a conversational stack really?. The man usually starts out by telling you a story about something boring. Then takes a tangent three stops towards insanity, before changing for the lunacy line towards institutionalization. He eventually gets back to the original story (pops back up the stack, if you will), and the original conversation continues it’s voyage to being committed.

I was walking down the street

Walking is weird isn’t it?

Speaking of weird things, bees.

It’s like using your feet to propel you forwards

it was raining.

A conversational Stack. Each equal-level segment can almost be taken on it’s own, and nested segments ignored.

I can represent these perfectly well.. using XML, or a computer stack. But how to in a written prose? There’s the usual way, of just flatly representing a conversation (booo-ring). There’s even the cheap way I’ve tried during this text… making the text smaller but that’s terrible for accessibility. Foldable text where bits of text can be hidden and revealed by clicking on them. A good example might be a lesson for something, with an overall summary that can be expanded to explain the full concepts in details is interesting, perhaps even a solution, but who cares about the solution, when the discussion is more fun? it’s all relative.

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Nina’s GravatarNina 1 week later

Hello stranger!

I’ve never noticed this, but you are ever so slightly Noble-ish…….

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