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I often get the urge to write about something, but the something in question is rather trivial, and thus not worth using up a whole blog post over. I thence came up with the idea of aggregating my random musings over a week or so, and thus this post was born! Read on and discover the stuff that I usually shield you from, bearing in mind that this is only a subset of the things that I contemplated writing about, the others have either expired from my mind or been excused for public consumption on the grounds that you’ll all disown me.

Men with Testicles

Men with testicles can rejoice once again — we have another thing to add to our list of strictly ♂ MEN ONLY ♂ things, McCoys Crisps! Yes, they’ve launched their advertising campaign to prohibit people endowed with uteri from eating them, hurrah for sexism! They seem not to have a website though (in this day and age?!), so the link here will have to do.

The things I’ve discovered today

  1. I can’t navigate for toffee
  2. I’m woefully unfit

Me and Matt decided to go on a bike ride, and being the excitable little bunny that I am I found a route that was 3 waterbottles out of 5 in terms of steepness, about 17 miles, and probably should have taken 2.5 hrs.

Birdlip Cycle Ride
Birdlip Cycle Ride, the supposed route in yellow, and ours in green

In reality though, we ended up going on the magical mystery tour that is detailed above, it took us 5 hours, and we reckon about 40 miles of endless hills. The route was documented in “Philip’s Cycle Tours”, though the “Philips’s” logo seems to be the same as the people that make lighbulbs. Perhaps we can blame them for substandard mapping? Can people that make clock radios also make cycle tours? I suspect not.

Site Redevelopment

Exciting things are afoot with the ol’ sennir redevelopment. Hopefully the new site design should be along sometime soon, and it will BLOW YOUR MIND. I doubt it’ll really raise much of a toot from the whistle on the teapot that is your brain, but it sure gets me excited.

iRiver Clix 2

Me Wantie! [Review]

iRiver Clix 2
iRiver Clix 2

Finally something pretty and pocketable that will play OGG files!

New Computer

Finally, after years of living with the cheese machine, the old blue beast will be replaced with a sportier, sexier model. My recent investment in a new camera means that trying to edit any kind of picture on this machine has become something of a chore, well not any more! There’ll be 2.4Ghz of intelly goodness, which will beat some whoopass into my old AMD 2400xp. I’m a little bemused that the pseudo clockspeed (2400) of the AMD matches my new intel, but It seems that marketing has had it’s day and Ghz no longer rules the roost. It’ll also have a shiny new box, so that it won’t sound like a small wind - tunnel when running. Hurray for silence!

Of course this is all the plan, it’ll probably be delivered whilst I’m not in, and thus sit in Parcelforce’s depot for weeks, until somebody that’s not me steals it :’(

Tracker bar Inadequacy

After carefully selecting a snack bar, which I knew would keep me fuelled up and ready to program like a ninja, imagine my horror to discover that the once mighty Tracker bar, is now a tiny shell of it’s former self:

Tracker bar Diagram
Tracker bar Diagram (Not to scale, well maybe. Sorta is. It’s tiny though, tiiiny!)

This is definitely ♀ NOT FOR MEN ♀ .

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When I watch the McCoys adverts I don’t see ‘not for girls’, I see homophobic crisps. Maybe I’m just a sensitive queer.

Philips make large-scale road maps and stuff. They obviously make cycle route books as well now. Gotta love the versatility of light bulb manufacturers.

Good luck with the computer building - lets hope you have a delivery load of working parts first time round. You getting vista? It’s not so bad after all. That is if you ignore the random crashes and pooey interface on Media Center.

Don’t eat tracker bars, they’re for birds and squirrels.

Speaker Icon Nina 1 week later

The random musings of yorur brain are quite humourous……….. and I noticed the new iRiver too, I WANT ONE!!!! xxxxx

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