A Curious Correlation written 7 years ago

Cup of tea

I chance spotted a sudden surge in visits to the site the other day, and looking at the particular page in question it seems that when it gets warmer, people are looking to cool off - and they all have the same question in mind: Does Drinking Tea on a hot day Cool You Down?

Visitors and Temperatures
Here we see the daily visitor counts to the “Tea Drinking” page (blue), overlayed on the corresponding temperatures (orange). The “overheating Brit” danger zone is indicated in red..

Or in other words, I’ve discovered a cheap and mostly unreliable means to tell how hot it is outside, without leaving the house.. :-)

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Cathjof’s GravatarCathjof 7 months later

Or, alternatively, instead of it being warm outside, perhaps all those people were coming from the link in the Kindle preview of ‘Deceived Wisdom’ by David Bradley on Amazon, which is how I got to your page.

Ha! That’s hilarious that someone has referenced my ramblings. I should also want to clarify that i’m very much for drinking tea on a hot day, not against as Bradley suggests.

And I doubt my surge in visitors was from the book - it was only published in November last year, whilst the stats above came from May 2012.

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