A Custom Laptop Bag from Etsy by R2SD written 8 years ago

Laptop Bag from Etsy by R2SD

Since getting a shiny and ever-so-fancy macbook pro recently, I’ve been hunting down a suitably pretentious and expensive encasement device to prance around town with, to protect my precious from the trials and tribulations the life of your average arty type might encounter. I’m obviously not living the true apple vision of Starbucks and Turtlenecks, but no-less I do leave the house every now and then.

It seems however, that the fruits from the apple tree, are either awful or just plain hilariously priced, and nothing could satisfy my weeping desire for something stylish, yet manly; soft and tactile, yet robust and protective; unique but available from my local dixons.

It seems however, that there’s a bunch of crafty-types that are willing to attempt to make their fortunes by selling their abilities on handmade trinkits site Etsy. Some rummaging later, and I staggered across the “Men Fabric Messenger Laptop Bag Simple Clean Design” (how could I not find it, with the title crammed with so many search terms..!). Here was a bag that promised to fulfil my laptop toting dreams - and as the best bit, the designer promises that customisation is available, so I could have my proverbial unique cake. The price wasn’t too hilarious either.

So I struck up a conversation, and mumbled that I wanted a bag that could fit my unique brand of crap in it and without a flicker of doubt, Ross (of R2SD) replied saying that it all sounded possible. I fired over some pics and dimensions of the items I wanted to put in the bag, and Ross created a custom listing just for me. 60 then found itself winging across the Atlantic to Ross’ awaiting wallet, and I waited eagerly at home, tirelessly never leaving the computers side, for fear of a stray paper-clip tarnishing the brushed aluminiumness.

Bag Contents Bag Contents Bag Contents
Some of the junk I want to fit in my bag

13 days passed, and the continual pressing of the refresh button yielded a plink of new mail that didn’t want to sell me any viagra. It was Ross: He’d completed the inside of the bag, and wanted my approval before going on to complete the outside.

In the land of IT I come from, I’ve witnessed suppliers trudge through million pound contracts and not consider showing the client how things are going mid-way through. Colour me impressed.

The pics showed that Ross had happily completed the pockets I asked for, and even added a zipped pocket, and a padded pocket that was absent from the spec-sheet.

Again, something delivered not in the requirements? Blasphemy!

In-Progress shots
An in-progress photo - With some demo articles in-situ.

A message from me indicating that all was above-board followed, and a couple days later the bag was winging it’s merry little way to me. My days of defending the slot-loading CD drive from stray cous-cous fragments were nearly over.

9 days trundle by, and with no message on the USPS tracking website indicaing delivery was imminent, I started to worry. But worry I needn’t - On my return home I had the Royal Mail “You were out…” card on my doormat; albeit the variety that informs you of a customs charge that must be paid. Grumble grumble.

But the bag had arrived, and a short trip to the place of miserable postmen had me back at my place, brew in hand marvelling at a sizable box.

The Box the bag came in Unwrapping the bag
Unboxing the bag. No, there’s no shaky youtube camera version.

And there it was, lo! The material seems to be a really fine corduroy, and the lining is canvas, meaning it looks really strong. The seams are all perfect (except for a slight wonk on the strap, which I’ll forgive), and there’s not a loose thread in sight.

The Bag A peek inside The sewing
The bag (Click for big)

But.. the Final test: Would my stuff fit in all their requisite pockets?

The Bag, filled with my stuff
The bag, filled with my stuff

But ofcourse!

If you’re looking for a bag of custom nature, I can heartily recommend R2SD. You can find the stuff they sell on their Etsy shop.

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