Macro Challenge - Winners written 12 years ago

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Well the entries flowed in thick, and er, slowly… but two weeks have passed. And so, without further ado, the results (in reverse order!) are:

People off the street

Liz 39
Nina 39
Jess 40
Elizabeth 40
Kais 43
Sam 45
Fiona 48
Sarah 48

People that live in my flat

Paul Lots
Namely because he sees many of the things on a daily basis, and even took some of the photos himself!

So if your name is Fiona or even Sarah, well done! you each win a cookie. Paul wins himself a tube of smarties. Woo.


The part you all care about is the answers right? Well they can be found in the Macro Challenge Album.

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I got the lowest score, bugger! I should get a prize for havin the lowest score. By the way, I knew you’d take pics of those pot-holes :P

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