Birthday Cake all round! written 13 years ago

Birthday Cake

I had it pointed out to me the other day that it was approximately 1 year ago that the first post ever was made to the website!

There have been many improvements, 63 posts and a whole lotta photies.

The most interesting posts of the past year have been:

08700426655 - Revisited - (733)
08700426655 - (703)
Carrera Subway 2 - (140)
Thieving Cunty Bagwipes - (116)
East - Fucking - Enders? - (109)
Superglue Fun! - (90)
CS Dept Timetable creator - (71)
Privacy Policy - (66)
New Photos - (64)
Site Version History - (52)

I wonder what next years popular posts will be? Will Docklands Telecom still be making the masses angry?

I’ve just spent the past 10 mins reading through a few of the old posts. Random things really. I’m happy none of the posts are just random rants about things though. Too emo for me!

Anyway, to celebrate, you can participate in the Macro Challenge, (that is if all seven of you haven’t already!)

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