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Yesterday I had a wonderful Idea — what if Winamp was more Album centric, rather than individual songs? You would enqueue entire albums rather than songs, a playlist of albums. It seemed to match the real life model much better.

Rob's idea for an Album based pluginSo I spent a good short while creating my artists impression, and came up with that over there →

I needn’t have wasted my time, it already existed and I had foolishly chosen to ignore the fact that someone else might have come up with a similar idea to mine.

Anyway, here we have the Albumlist plugin:

AlbumList Winamp plugin You get a big list of albums to choose from, with fun shuffle, next and random operations — but all Album based. There’s also the infamous Jump to file dialog — but re-engineered for Albums (F3).

It looks nice and pretty if you’ve got images for all your albums, but it will give you just a list if you like it that way.

Anyway, I’m just mumbling in order to fill up this whitespace. Are we there yet? Ah Bang on target, lovely. Perhaps just one more line so it neatly wraps under the image. Fantastic.

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