New Photos written 13 years ago

The newness Is terrific, I can hardly contain myself!

Whilst procrastinating from doing much needed revision, I uploaded some old photos I found lurking in my Photo collection.

Some of these are pretty vintage, but still worthy of a look!

Some images from a Jaunt to the Dales, at Kettlewell. (Aug ‘05)

Rural buildings, friendly robots and some springy lambs.

Pictures of a bored afternoon in Castlefield. (Jun ‘05)

What I generally find myself doing on sunny afternoons.. wandering..

A day at the seaside, in Fleetwood. (Sept ‘03)

Some of my favourite photos.

Tourist Attractions in London. (Apr ‘03)

Nothing you’ve not seen before I’m sure. An album to check out if you want to see a more youthful Rob!

You can click on the images here (all of which link to slideshows), or find the odd looking albums, over on the Photos page.

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My god, that picture of you squinting in the Millenium Eye, haven’t seen that in a while…….

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