Hammond, what have you done written 13 years ago

Richard Hammond

I had the unpleasant experience of watching Richard Hammond’s Five O’Clock Show yesterday. And I’m just left with myself wondering why, why, why?

The show has a decent theme, and even has decent content, it’s just marred by horrble scripted interaction between him and Mel. The crowning glory of yesterday’s show was Hammond dressed as an old granny pretending to beat up an aikido Expert. Needless to say all that was achieved was a lot of broken balsa wood.

Unfortunately I missed todays show about man-bras, and with any luck I’ll miss their review of various Pooper-Scoopers.

Yes, ITV probably offered him lots of money for his women-loin-dampening skills, but I do hope Jeremy Clarkson rips the piss out of him.

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