Carrera Subway 2 written 13 years ago

Disk o Brake o

As you may know I had my bike stolen earlier this year, and as the police had no luck in finding it, a new one was to be gotten!

Carrera Subway 2

Enter the Carrera Subway 2, it filled all my needs, and wasn’t too hard on the wallet. It came with the unfortunate caveat of only being available from Halfords, but as all the nicer bike shops I tried wanted at least ?350 for something equivalent, I decided it would be worth the risk.

Since I have to drag it up stairs at each end of my journey, I wanted something light, and since it will more than likely never see any mud, a rigid bike seemed the best option.

Disk Brakes

One of the major deciding factors of the bike was the disk brakes. I can’t honestly think of a decent reason to choose them over V-brakes, but they look darn cool. I guess they’ll work better in the wet. Maybe.

They were a little bit of a disappointment when I first used them, they were about as effective as holding a green stick next to the tyre. But now they’ve bedded in a little, they’re much more responsive. I’ll be throwing myself over the handlebars in no time.

Close up of the little Twiddlies of the bike

Those clever Carrera chaps even thought of those many cyclists bums (mmm.. sweaty) and fitted a suspension seatpost. I’ll see how long it lasts before dropping apart.

Thanks to mr Grogglesocks for taking the pictures.

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Same thing happened to me! Bike stolen, needed a replacement. So far…. great bike!

Martin L’s GravatarMartin L 2 years later

I bought mine 2 years ago and use it pretty much every day. Good bike with excellent gears which haven’t come out of adjustment yet. Brakes good and no real problems to report.

If only Halfords could sell a version without those stupid QR wheels. The only person who needs to QR a wheel is the little toerag who nicked my back wheel earlier this week. Now applying jubilee clips in the vain hope of trying to prevent another 75 hit to my wallet.



Phatman’s GravatarPhatman 4 years later

I might get one of these bikes…can’t decide between the Subway Ltd or the Grython - lighter the better I’m thinking but then the roads can be bad.

Re: QR where I live you have to have quick release wheels so you can chain the back wheel, frame and front wheel togther to prevent pikeys unbolting the front wheel!

KIRKY’s GravatarKIRKY 8 years later

what does the A5 mean in the middle of my brake disc

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