Firefox 1.5 written 13 years ago


Mozilla Firefox 1.5 has finally been released after a few delays. But what’s new for the average user?

I doubt anybody will ever encounter any instances of SVG, or any web-developer brave enough to rely on canvas support. There’s now support for multi-column layouts, in a mozilla-only fashion. I had a play.

The options interface has been tweaked, and back/forward is now “blazingly fast”. What may be important for a few people out there will be the [Ctrl + Shift + Del] key combo to clear out private data.

You can see all of the things that have been fiddled with, at the unofficial changelog.

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I love Firefox, doesn’t crash, and you can use tabs in-browser instead of having a row of IE browsers on your task bar, tis bliss :D :D

I don’t subscribe to the “it crashes less”, or “it’s quicker/more secure” ideals.

Reality is that it’s slower than IE, and in my experience crashes more frequently. It’s main selling point is the tabbed browsing, and nice extensions framework.

If I could bring myself to do it; I’d use Opera.

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