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Copy Protect

I love listening to music, barely a minute passes when I’m not listening to something. For the past year or two I’ve been in a bit of a dilemma. I wanted to get new music, and do it legally:

Legal Music downloads:

However, recently I’ve noticed that some stores have been offering cheaper prices for CDs. This is because they’re usually from another country, such as the US or Hong Kong. How a CD can be cheaper after being shipped half way round the world is beyond me. But I decided to have a go regardless, and see what happens.

After enduring the wait for them to arrive, then suffering such enticements as broken CD cases, I finally popped one in my computer.

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To listen to the CD a number of files need to be updated on your PC.

Are you sure? It’s only a CD? Wah? A look at the CD case revealed the “Copy Control” logo. Some googleage later found the EMI Copy Control Info page.

The disc is not designed to be digitally cloned using Microsoft? Windows Media? Player

Had I just paid ?7 for a coaster? Well… no. Turns out it’s actually very poor Copyright Protection, and the average CD-ROM doesn’t have a problem with it. But I would have been a very angry man had it prevented me from copying it.

But what about if it had failed to copy? Record labels are creating more and more draconian DRM techniques. Meaning that soon I’m going to have no choice but to steal music.

Over christmas there’s going to be lots of cheap mp3 players going up for sale. If the record companies had their way, there would be absolutely no legal way for people out there to put any music on them. In this world where digital entertainment systems are rapidly becoming introduced into people’s homes, I don’t understand how the music industry can continue with this insanity.

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That’s all a little bit mad, people are forever pushing us to go digital and whatnot, to deny us something as simple as that is not having your cake and eating it, it’s staring at the cake through double glazing!!

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