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OYBike Rack .. missingThe vigilant of those amongst you may have noticed that the bright yellow bike racks I spoke about back in September have disappeared! Having not had a reason to use the bikes yet, I was a little disappointed.

But I needn’t have feared, I spoke to one of the chaps from the OYBike project, and he informed me that it was just a pilot scheme, and the bikes would be returning soon. The pilot scheme was a success, people talked about it, advertisers saw the bikes and the bikes got used.

OYBike Rack with BikesThe inventor, part time Black-cab-driver-cum-inventor, Bernie Hanning is currently in negotiations with Manchester City Council to introduce the racks on a more widespread basis. Who knows, we may even see some of them down near the Universities? I know I’d be sure to put some down there if I was in charge!

If all goes well, we can expect to see the bikes dotted all over Manchester City Centre early on next year.

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