Tea and Toast written 13 years ago

Lemon and Lime Marmalade -- the greatest!

Tea and Toast

It’s approaching bedtime. You’ve thrown the cat out, locked the doors and turned the telly off. What time is it? Tea and Toast time!

After reading an article in the Telegraph about how “we’re hankering for honey”, and how Honey sales have exceeded those of marmalade. What’s going on!

The youth of today don’t know what’s good for them — crazy fools shunning the Scurvy fending shreds. You never know when an unpleasant bout of scurvy is round the corner.

Tea and ToastI don’t really know where I’m going with this — besides to say “hey I like tea and toast”. Especially if the toast happens to be smothered with Rose’s Lemon and Lime marmalade. Anyway, I hereby suggest to all that care about the falling sales of marmalade to go and treat yourself — have a nice round of tea and toast. You deserve it.

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