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Whilst riding through town this morning on my way to work, I spotted quite a number of Yellow bicycles attached to the (quite numerous) bike racks dotted around town.

At first I thought it was something similar to the Ghost Bike Project, that I’ve seen some cases of around town, but on closer "On Your Bike - Taken in Crappy Motorola Phone Quality" inspection they turned out to be part of a brand new Project called OYBike - a bike rental scheme.

The basic gist of the OYBike scheme is you register with them beforehand online, putting at least ?10 into your account. Then when you find a bike you want to use, you make a short call on your mobile, typing in your PIN number, followed by a code displayed at the bicycle rack. The OYB system will then text you a PIN number back to enter into the rack mounted unit, this will then unlock the bike and you can tootle on your merry way!

The cost doesn’t seem too bad, starting from 30p for a 15 minute jaunt, and working up to ?8/day. The only unfortunate downside is that the system requires pre-registration at the website, preventing casual tootlings in and around town. Unfortunate, but a necessary inconvenience.

I can’t actually think of a valid use of the scheme personally, especially since there’s only four locations in Manchester. I guess it’s only really useful if you happen to travel between two bike locations on a daily basis.

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It sounds similar to something we have here, but the amount of bike theft, I don’t see it lasting very long in Swindon. Still, good motivation to stop using cars and public transport. Save the trees!

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