Routing Woes written 13 years ago

Safecom Router of doom - Don\'t do it!

An idle rant about the problems we’ve had with the Safecom SWAMR-54108. Feel free to ignore.

We got it about 2 months ago and it wouldn’t work out of the box. It just about connected, and then after a short while would die quite casually. This lead to upgrade Firmware #1, and after this we thought we had all things fixed.

… Until yesterday at which point it decided once again to die, quite spontaneously. We did all the usual things to try and fix it to no avail, and not having any other means to connect meant that we were stuck with the supplied pdf manual for guidance. (Read: chocolate teapot)

So I went to my parents place after work, and to the ebuyer website I traversed, only to find that the likelyhood of receiving a replacement/repaired router this century was slim-to-none. To the safecom website I went, to find that the only mention of RMA was redirecting you to an alternative website, offering to repair your router for a small fee. To the adsltech forum I went, only to find that every man and his dog was having problems with this router, and there was (yet) another firmware upgrade available.

Anyway, after a long bout of naffing around, and generally wasting time, it sprung into life, and meagerly offered to route some packets.

A worthless rant, but puts another product on the list of things that have been released without suitable accompanying software, something that seems to be common with todays computer manufacturers.

And to drive the nail firmly home - their online website doesn’t even work in anything except Internet Explorer, let alone the Router config pages.

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