Colour swatches written 13 years ago

Palette of possibles colours..

Having been told that the colour of this site is infact not beautiful tones of brun, but miserably flat and dull, I’ve decided that a little sprucing up of the place is required.

It seems that not everyone sees the same colours I do — my monitor must have the brightness set to “Cornea Burning”, because it all looks bright and breezy to me, however viewing it on other monitors yields bland and uninteresting colours.

Possible Colour Swatches

I rotated the hue of the normal site colours to try to find something a little more pleasant, but the colours demonstrated here don’t really work well as the site theme.

You can view these swatches applied in Firefox by selecting View -> Page style -> ...

See what I mean? Hardly beautiful.

It’s such a shame I don’t have a creative anything in my body — The site may well stay brun for the near future, unless someone out there has a suggestion?

Perhaps the blue isn’t too vile.

Update 1

Blue it is!

Update 2

Have Any Colour you like!

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Thank god for transparent pngs, else I would have horribly mis-matched icons!

Not that the brown sennir logo doesn’t look a little out of place

Baby blue is my most hated colour

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