Off the radar written 13 years ago

Off the radar

Hi there loyal sennir readers!

I’m sure all two of you have been worrying about where I’ve been for the past couple of weeks. Well, fear not, I’ve not been doing very much that’s prevented be from updating this .. I just haven’t!

I had a quick blast into Liverpool the Tuesday before last, which was fun. We spent most of the day drinking and generally wandering about.

And over the weekend I spent a couple days camping in Edale. This was really fun — we spent a good while cycling around, and generally being outdoorsy. I really must do this again soon, whilst there’s still summer about!

Anyway, not that you’d notice but I’m going to stay at the flat for a couple of days, which is currently sans-internet. So I shall return in a few days expecting a full inbox!

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Speaker Icon Tim 2 weeks later

This site is really rubbish if you dont post!

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