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Birthday Cake

So, sennir has been here for two years now, and 143 posts later, it still looks exactly the same as that first post back in 2005.

Site Design
Those first, innocent days…

This was of course meant to be all new and improved by now, looking spiffy n all, but I’ve simply not had enough time to finish the new site design.

To compare with last years birthday celebrations, here’s the most popular articles to date. This might be because of swarms of visitors, or it just might be that I’ve been refreshing the page a lot for test purposes, either way …

And to reminisce the past to years, here’s all the icons I’ve made for posts, in yet another whopper of a gif file. See you next year!

All the icons from my site
All 164 icons from my site (0.98MB)

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Happy Birthday Sennir! May all your birthday wishes come true.

It’s monki’s third birthday next month. Doesn’t time fly?!

Speaker Icon Nina 1 day later

Happy Birthday Sennir! xxxxxxxxx Can’t believe it’s been two years

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