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Squinty mcGra -- Camera man Rob

Now I’m a working man I can afford to spend my hard earned on random gadgetary objects of shiny proportions. Enter the Canon 400D DSLR Camera, and now I no longer need to pretend I’m living in the 1960s with my film SLR!

After having it a week and not really having a chance to use it (damn you darkness!) I finally managed to get out and shoot a few pictures today (of some animals trapped in cages (much easier)). And to be honest it’s really everything I’d hoped it would be. The focussing is super quick and sharp, picture taking is instantaneous and there’s just so much flexibility that was previously unachievable with my fully automagick compact.

The only problem now is that I want to spend all my money on buying new lenses, and it’s an awfully slippery slope…

A posing cockatiel.

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Speaker Icon Nina 2 days later

Yes, some os uf gadget freaks can actually AFFORD the stuff we covet, but nice birdie nonetheless, do you bird watch often? (guffaw) xxxxxx

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