An Ugly Duckling? written 12 years ago

The Selfish Gene

CNN has an offbeat news story about a duckling which has been born with 4 legs. You can see in the gratuitously stolen image below.

Four legged Duckling.
Four Legged Duckling “Stumpy”

Thing is, is this something to marvel at; or be horrified about? Chances are this duckling won’t make a very good “duck”, but if it were to survive and breed would subsequent generations of offspring slowly evolve to make good use of their four legs?

Birds being born with four legs isn’t altogether that unusual; “Forzie” the chick that was born with four legs was unfortunate in that he was also born with two anuses, which ultimately proved to be the cause of his death.

I personally think it’s a great thing, and demonstrates this evolution idea beautifully. That almost from nowhere two new legs have sprouted. It seems like voodoo science, but its all 100% natural, so it’s not like we should (or even could) stop it occurring.

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You make me feel un-clever when you write about evolution etc. Get back to writing some inane chatter.

And also, you should make it so ‘test’ articles don’t show up in the ‘Recent Posts’ and in your archives.

How’s the new style site coming along?

originally posted by Monki

And also, you should make it so ‘test’ articles don’t show up in the ‘Recent Posts’ and in your archives.

The test articles will disappear when I mark that section as hidden again; for now it’s in use with random testing and such…

How’s the new style site coming along?

Very slowly.

I seem to have made something that pleases me in terms of appearance on the main bit of the article page at least. The main problem is that a lot of the code was written when I knew nothing about PHP/SQL, so I’m re-writing great chunks of that as I’m going along which is slowing my down awfully. I’m also feeling crappy most of the time.

You can see my development log for what I’m currently up to.

Speaker Icon Nina 1 week later

I remember watching a programme about this, don’t think it’s evolution though, how would a four legged duck benefit in its environment more than the two legged variety? Hard to believe birds are graduately adopting the quadraped role, are birds the next mammals? Boggles my mind to the point of headache, hello Rob btw xxxxxx Internet’s still messed up.

P.S what the hell does it mean when a wireless network is saying you have an IP address of 0000?

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