Water Bottle Insanity written 12 years ago

Bottled Water

Whilst water bottles seem to be intrinsically recyclable (by refilling), which even the Bottled Water Authority suggests that they can be used over one hundred times, why does it say on the back of my Volvic water bottle that I should not refill the bottle?

Label from a Volvic Bottle
The Label from a Volvic Bottle

From what I’ve read around (and therefore totally without references) there seems to be two reasons:

  1. The bottle will not be subjected to proper washing and drying procedures, and therefore bacteria may be present.

  2. The PET plastic used in the bottle will slowly break down, and cause a carcinogenic of some description to be released into the liquid.

Whilst (1) seems almost plausible, (2) has been largely found to be false, and seems to stem from some University student’s thesis that lacks any serious reassurances as to its correctness.

So it actually seems that once again the consumer is being molly-coddled, and another company is covering it’s back against stupid people. Go Modern World!

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