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Recently, as I’ve joined the real world, where rates of interest for loans aren’t the same as inflation. I’ve been wondering about how much interest rates differ when held for less time than a year. For example a bank overdraft is often quoted APR (Annual Percentage Rate), or even as a Monthly Percentage Rate, but what if I’m only overdrawn for 15 days of a month? How much interest will I be charged?

My university degree taught me the future value of money, which goes some way to explain the delicacies of compound interest. But this is how I understand it:

Handily we can use the APR to work out the value of r.

Let R be the APR, t = 1, as the period is 1 year.

A + AR = Aer
1 + R = er
r = ln(1 + R)

So now we can work out r, we can work out the amount of interest accrued for any period of time.

Secondly, there are lots of offers out there that say "get this car for ?7,523 today, and pay ?99 per month at %10.9 APR". How much does that cost to actually buy? (turns out it's over 12k). We can work this out by dividing the period into equal chunks of one month, and calculating each on individually and summing them.


  1. Insert the Amount and APR.

  2. If you are working out how much it will cost you to be overdrawn for 1 month, or how big your savings will be in 12 months, leave the "repayments" checkbox clear, and enter the appropriate length of time in the "period" box.

  3. If you are working out the total cost of a loan with a fixed monhtly repayment amount, check the "repayments" checkbox, and then enter the monthly repayment amount.

  4. Click Calculate.

Interest Amount Calculator

Period is the number of years for which to calculate the interest, for example 0.5 = 6 months, 0.0833333 = 1 month, 0.0192307 = 1 week
If repayments are made, enter the amount per month here.


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