Computer Skills Crisis? written 12 years ago


The BBC is running a story, saying that the Computer Industry is facing a crisis, because apparently not enough students are choosing to study Computer Science to fulfil the requirements of industry, which are supposedly increasing.

When I was at university the message was pretty much “well, you missed the boat guys…”, that the Computer Science boom had been and gone, and we were very much not in demand. Why, if graduate intakes aren’t big enough, aren’t the universities publicising this information? Heck, more to the point why isn’t my salary twice the size it is‽

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Nina’s GravatarNina 1 hour later

It’s the advertisements for computing courses and “getting a degree in IT” online that makes me agree there, after having a MASS job hunt myself it seems so many roles require at least basic computing skills. Makes you wonder how the manual jobs like brick-laying, housekeeping etc will end up in the future, employers seem to go from one extreme to another……

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