Is your start menu organised? written 12 years ago

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You might remember from a while back I created my Start Menu Organiser. One thing it really needed was a large collection of people to use it and populate the list of applications with a suggested category.

Well; 4 months later and it’s actually indexed on google (although one might reconsider using English words — damn Yanks) and quite a few people have used the program, and uploaded their info (thanks!). The known program list has grown from the 106 applications I have installed to over 350. It’s nice to know something I’ve made actually gets used.

Anyway this is just to poke you all and say, hey, why not give the ol’ Start Menu Organiser a whizz?

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Yay! Done it all now, looks lovely! Here’s what it looks like if you wanna see the finished product of your genius thing! ^_^ Organised Start Menu

This was supposed to go BEFORE my last comment, but you’ve convinced me to use your Start Menu organiser, you’ve seen how messy my start menu is, but if I can’t get it to work properly then I’ll be bothering you for help. Thank you for getting rid of that nasty message popup on my computer btw, only 5 minutes nosing on my PC and you managed to fix something, everyone needs a Rob :P xxxxxxxx

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