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Tonight I went to see Zebrahead at the Academy Three — Fucking Awesome gig. They didn’t play for long (1hr15) but every second was spent rocking out to their best songs. Will definitely see them again!

But whilst I was being squashed/jumped on and generally mangled, I managed to take some half reasonable pictures, using the old “point it and click furiously” method.

Ali from Zebrahead
Ali, with fingers in navel.
Matty from Zebrahead
Ben, from Zebrahead
Ben, with the tartan shorts.

You can view all of the pictures in the zebrahead album.

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Why am I strangely drawn to that sweaty half-naked man even though he’s clearly got evil in his eyes? Looks like you managed to squeeze your little body quite close to the front. Thumbs-up

Speaker Icon Cliveh 1 day later

Ar not not a pretty face, good photos bunny sobs at not having gone wish they were playing dundee next week

Speaker Icon Cliveh 1 day later

hey! wont lemmie use asterixes darn!

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