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originally posted by Rob

originally posted by Anders

Which CPU did you use? How well has it been running? Did the heat result in any problems?

There’s an AMD X2 3800 in there, it has been running pretty flawlessly since I built the thing and has covered all their needs during that time. The heat hasn’t proven to be an issue — though there was a period where it was pushed up against the wall (blocking the venitlation fan) and things did get a bit toasty; so that’s something to beware of (No using it in a real bookcase, then!).

The only issues have been:

  • Small CDs are a pain because of the CD-ROM being mounted sideways, and suprisingly there has been four or five that we’ve needed to use (for drivers or whatever). This has been solved by temporarily putting the box on its side;
  • The system is no longer whisper quiet. There’s definitely a distinct fan noise when using the machine, but it’s not that distracting and I’ve heard much worse.

I don’t think there’s much else to say, other than it has fulfilled its position well, and I suspect will do for the next few years.

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