Aint technology great? written 12 years ago

Totally Stolen from a friend of mine, but I hope he doesn`t mind. Spinny orb things!

I logged into my online banking thingy earlier today. It was broken, even though they insisted it was “new and improved”. Repeated attempts at logging in provided me with no information on how dire my financial state was.

I went to Tesco’s later on, and managed to break two of the self-serve machines. The staff quickly ushered me away before I broke any more. Has anyone really managed to achieve quick service with one of those things? I think it’s all bollocks personally. On last one I used (that worked…) I needed assistance for almost every item I scanned. Are apples really that complicated?

I guess they must be, because every time I visit sainsburys to buy my lunch, any items of fruit always cause the cashier no end of trouble, and repeated button mashing.

Everyone knows stories of how technology sucks, and when things go bad it’s generally pretty terminal, but when it does go right, it’s usually fabulous.

I love buying train tickets in 30 seconds flat, applying for my driver’s license would have been a doddle had I not entered my D.O.B wrong (damn humans…), and I’m sure everyone knows of my love for Internet Shopping.

Anyway, something broke and I lost my train of thought whilst fixing it. I’m now going to embark on the undoubtedly arduous process of trying to renew my library books online.

Update: Wow, that took about 60 seconds to both register and renew my library books. Now if only they told people about this service!

Update 2: Crikey, they even have RSS feeds for new additions to the library.

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I think we both know self-service kiosks are have got a midget with glasses and a calculator that beeps as soon as it’s put “+1.75” in etc.

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