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The Selfish Gene

I’ve been reading “The Selfish Gene” by Richard Dawkins recently. It’s all about genes and theories on Darwinian theory, and other such stuff that fascinates me.

It’s taken me the past three months or so to trawl through the book, ‘cos it’s so darn involved reading, but I feel that this questionable content strip neatly summarises it in a four panel comic.

And for anyone that’s curious about this kinda stuff, I’d suggest stealing a copy of the Selfish Gene, it makes for interesting reading, even 30-odd years after it was written.

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Speaker Icon Cliveh 3 weeks later

some further Dawkins pluggin. i myself have recently finished richard dawkins ‘our ancesters tale’ (took me bout 3months too) but is equally good (if not better) Go read!

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